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Fury by Laurann Dohner Review~Spotlight


Book Length
Super Plus Novel
Ellora's Cave Publishing
Additional Formats: Paperback

Imprint: Romantica® 
Line: Twilight 
Series: New Species
Series Number: 1

Book 1 in the New Species series.
 Ellie is horrified to discover the pharmaceutical company she works for is doing illegal experiments. Company scientists have spliced human and animal DNA, creating exotic new species. One such “experiment” captures her heart and she’ll do anything to save him—even if he hates her for it.

Fury has never known compassion or love. He’s spent his life in a cell, chained and abused by humans. The one woman he allowed himself to trust betrayed him. Now he’s free and set on vengeance. He vows to end her life but when she’s finally in his grasp, harming her is the last thing he wants to do to the sexy little human.

Fury can’t resist Ellie—the touch of her hands, her mouth on his skin, her body wrapped around his. He’s obsessed with the scent of his woman. And Ellie wants Fury—always has. She craves his big, powerful body and wants to heal his desolate heart.

But loving Fury is one thing…taming him is another.

Reader Advisory: This story contains the heartrending aftermath of a rape scene involving a captive male. Another scene involves capture and forced touching by a hurt, vengeful Fury. 

A bit more about me...
    I had a rather short area here telling a little about myself but then I had more than a few people ask me to expand it so... here goes. LOL. I'm a full time home 'supervisor' which is a nice word for saying I'm a housewife. I'm happily married, I met my dream guy in 1989, and we have 4 children. I live in Nevada and I can't function without iced coffee. I believe in romance, I've always been a daydreamer, and I'm a HUGE fan of books - always have been.
     No, I didn't know that I always wanted to write. I inhaled books as a child. I read entire series (Pippi Longstocking, Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys, Trixie Beldon, The Borrowers, etc) in a matter of days. By the time I turned nine years old I had an adult library card where I visited often. I moved on to John Saul, Stephen King, Richard Laymon, Agatha Christie, and then found romance. I got hooked. I wrote poetry in my teens and then moved on to short stories. I started to write my first book after I read a real bomb of one that ticked me off with really horrible characters and a plot that was shabby at best. I thought...I could do better
     I wrote my first book which will probably never see the light of day in the early 90's. I wrote a series of  books from it. I'm a series fan! I kept writing for fun, wrote MANY books and then in 2009 I decided to attempt to get published. I wrote my first Sci Fi romance and Ral's Woman came to be. I submitted it and with a little tweaking, Ellorascave sent me an acceptance letter. It was kind of a 'Cinderella' experience for me. It's been a terrific ride so far and I'm really happy. It's a dream come true.

Favorite Quotes

“What kind of adverse  affects? Penis envy?” Slade chuckled. “I’ve been to the men’s room with humans, Doc. The only thing your women should be afraid of is realizing how small your men’s dicks are compared to ours.”  Trisha Norbit shot Slade a dirty look. “You’re a pig.” Slade’s smile died and a low growl issued from his throat. “I’m canine, not pig.”  “It’s a slang term, not a species call,” Ellie managed to say without laughing. “She thinks what you said is dirty and offensive.”  Slade nodded at Ellie before he grinned at the doctor. “But honest.”

“You can’t go around making decisions for me and you know we’re supposed to hide that we’re a couple.”  “You are really turning me on right now. You’re breathing hard and if you don’t watch it, your breasts are going to break the buttons on that shirt.” His gaze riveted to her chest. “Breathe harder. Please?”
His lips twitched and he gave her a slight smile. “Look on the bright side. We don’t have to hide our relationship anymore.”  She snorted. “Yeah. They had it on the news. I guess I should probably call my family soon before they hear about it and freak out.” His smile died. “What if they are upset about you being with me?” His gaze searched hers. “Will you leave me?”  Ellie hugged him tighter. “Never. I swear. I don’t care what they think.” He couldn’t hide his relief. “I checked something out.”  “What?”  He hesitated. “Have I told you that I love you?”  Ellie’s heart soared. “No. You haven’t. Are you telling me now?” His lips twitched before he spoke and amusement sparked his gaze. “That depends.  Do you love me?”  Ellie laughed and nodded. “I do.”
“I love you, sweetness.”  “I love you too.” Tears blinded her until she blinked them away. “I’ve loved you for a while but I refrained from telling you.”  “Why?”  She shrugged. “I guess I was being stupid. Human guys tend to flinch a little when a woman declares she’s fallen in love quickly.”  His eyebrows arched. “I’m not one of them, not fully, and I’m filled with joy that you love me. Never say you are stupid again. You’re cautious because you have been hurt by a man in your past. That will never happen with us because this time you chose well.” A smile curved his lips, a teasing sparkle in his beautiful eyes.

I am writing a going to be writing a review on each book in the New Species series. This book is the first and I will be doing every book, one book a day until the new book comes out “True” it will be out on December 11th. If you haven’t read any of this series by Laurann Dohner you need to.  She is an excellent writer and takes each book to a different level. 

The first book in this series is Fury. Fury is a New Species.  He has is a sex, hot, exotic. This company of scientists created these New Species by splicing human and animal DNA together in hopes to help find a cure for diseases or at least try to find a way to fight the diseases better but what they did was worse. The keep them chained, naked, and forced them to do things that no one ever would want to happen to them. Fury has been chained most of his life except for when they wanted to do tests on him.  He was a species that the only thing he ever knew was abuse, anger, and hatred.  He wanted to be free and to free his rest of his own kind.  He has never known kindness, compassion, or love. That is until he meets Ellie.
Ellie is a woman who is placed in the company to be a spy. As a spy her job was to get information out so they could free the New Species. What she never expected was to walk in a room while on break and look through a two-way mirror. What she sees makes her angry and wants more than anything to free the New Species as quickly as possible. She gets Fury(aka 416) to trust her and she shows him that there are humans that can be kind and loving but to protect him and to keep him alive she will whatever it takes until help arrives. So when she sees someone abusing him she defends him and in doing so she has to betray him. Fury vows revenge if he ever sees her again.
Will Ellie’s betrayal destroy his attraction for her? Or will the attraction they both feel for each other win out? Can Ellie tame the animal in him?
As I said before Laurann Dohner is an excellent writer. It makes me want a New Species of my own. From beginning to end the story flows and keeps you one the end of your seat. I didn’t want to put the book down. Oh man I know each book will get better and better.  If you haven’t read any of her books you need to…


Lost Seraphine Release Blitz

Lost Seraphine Release Week Blitz
By KaSonndra Leigh
Young Adult Paranormal/Fantasy
Date to be Published: 11/24/2013

Caleb Wood now knows the Dark Seraphine's true identity. 

Life should be a little more sane now, right? Wrong! It’s kind of hard to ignore the walkers, fallen souls taken by the Angel of Chaos. Oh yeah, only Caleb can see them.

After saving his girlfriend from the wrath of a sea witch, Caleb finds himself faced with a new problem…understanding the strange tattoos showing up on his body. He must also deal with his Lost Seraphine, the girl who left her family behind to save the boy she loves. The same girl who just happens to be the daughter of a mythological god. 

Gia gave up one of her powers to be with Caleb. She knew that she was connected to the Dark Seraphine in some way.  You see, there’s a prophecy, something she always believed to be a fairy tale linking her with the girl who also wants Caleb. Haunted by visions of her dead brother, Gia realizes she has made a terrible mistake. The ability she gave up is the one thing she will need to keep her boyfriend safe. 

Will Caleb be able to accept the things he will learn about his real father while trying to save the girl he loves from herself? Book Two of the Seraphine Trilogy and prequel to the Lost Immortals Saga is coming soon.

KaSonndra Leigh

Author Bio
Author of the Lost Immortals Saga and the Path Seekers Series. I’m also a mother, blogger, reader, gardener, home renovator, and a slayer of undead Egyptian mummies in Tomb Raider. I believe in karma, coffee, and seriously wish that the producers of Xena would bring my favorite show ever back.

I was born in the race-car city of Charlotte, NC, and now live in the City of Alchemy and Medicine, NC, when I’m not hanging out in Bardonia (Lost Immortals). Most of my characters are based on people that I’ve met throughout my travels and adventures. People tend to stop and start conversations with me as if I’ve known them my entire life. Does this freak me out? Not really. My mom says that one day I’ll get kidnapped by one of them. I told her that if it weren’t for these lovely people then I wouldn’t be able to create the stories that I do.

Some other common tidbits…hmm. I’ve watched the movie Under the Tuscan Sun almost 200 times. Seriously, the way I see it is if I keep watching it enough, then suddenly the house that Diane Lane lives in will magically appear in my backyard. I know. I have a huge imagination!

Authors Links
Website | Facebook YA | Facebook NA | Twitter @kasonndraleigh

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Black Friday Extravaganza

In the city that never sleeps the Chronicles continue… 

Serving coffee is temporary, just like Casey's year off from school. She’s going to come up with a plan to stay in New York City and go back to college, and that plan does not involve dating a paranormal creature—let alone two. 

Running the supernatural society of New York is not as fun as it sounds, especially when you still have to answer to your ex-girlfriend’s fiancĂ©. Toby doesn’t mean to bring Casey into the chaos of his life, but he can't resist the girl who makes him smile when he thought no one else ever could. 

Jared's in New York checking out a security risk for his best friend, the king. He plans to return to New Orleans quickly, but not if it means losing his chance with the brunette who pretends she wants nothing to do with him. 

In over her head with a bunch of winged creatures who most definitely are not angels, Casey has to figure out who to trust with her life and maybe her heart.

Gargoyle's Embrace By Lisa Carlisle Review~Spotlight

Gargoyle's Embrace 
Book Length
Quickies or Kisses
Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc.

Imprint: Romantica®
Line: Twilight
Series: Underground Encounters
Series Number: 5
Themes: Shapeshifter 

Fifth in the Underground Encounters series.
Tracy isn’t sure why she’s drawn to a particular gargoyle statue in the Goth club where she works. After the stone takes human form to protect her from her abusive ex, she brings the handsome, naked male to her apartment. It’s impossible to ignore the seductive appeal of a man sculpted like a Viking warrior.
Danton has only hours in human form to spend with the woman he has hungered for. He’s convinced what’s between them is more than hot sex, but he needs to convince Tracy of that before he turns back to stone.
A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

I gravitate toward stories with dark, brooding, isolated characters (think Heathcliff, Dracula, Darth Vader, and Severus Snape) and tough, independent, caring heroines. My reading tastes very widely, though, and I’ll read almost anything–especially paranormal romance, mysteries, and non-fiction on any new topic of interest.
I’m feel very honored to be a multi-published, award-winning author writing in different genres since I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was in sixth grade. For much of my professional career, I’ve written non-fiction — I’ve discovered writing romance is the most fun!
Life took a strange turn when I was younger and I ended up enlisting in the Marines, where I served in Parris Island, the California desert, and Okinawa, Japan. Then I backpacked alone through Europe, and lived in Paris. I owned a bookstore for a few years before becoming a writer as I love to read. Currently, I live in New England with my fantastic husband and kids. Disclaimer: I go bat-shit crazy before Halloween and start decorating my house on October 1st. You can never have enough gargoyles.

Favorite Quotes:

The Stone wings of the gargoyle statue unfurled into enormous sleek, black, feathered ones. The gargoyle reshaped itself, rising from a crouched position to stand on two legs to a full height well over six feet. And its head. The horns sank back into the stone while light-blond hair sprouted to take their place, growing past its broad shoulders. Within a few seconds, the grotesque stone creature she found lovable had transformed into a breathtaking make with flawless bronze skin, long blond hair and the magnificent physique of a Viking warrior. Who stood before them stark naked.
“Holy shit!” she exclaimed, eyes widening.

“I must be drugged.” She put her hands on her temples and closed her eyes in an attempt to clear her mind. When she reopened them, her eyes traveled from his chest down to a well-endowed erection.
Now she was imagining naked males with massive hard-ons? She had to be drugged. Drugged and horny.
“I know it sounds crazy,” he said. “But I’m alive. Flesh and blood, just like you.” Then he added, “For now.”

I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.

This is a quickie novella and is a good book. You met Tracy who works at a bar and whose ex-boyfriend shows up drunk and wants her back but has a restraining order on him for abuse. Then there is Danton, Danton is a gargoyle statue that is in the bar that she touches and tells her life to. Now to protect Tracy he has come to life.  To be human again Danton has to find someone who will love him and be willing to spend the rest of their life with him. Will he be able to save her before it is too late? Is Tracy the one to free Danton or will he be trapped as a statue forever?

I like this book, it was a quick story but worth reading.  I would love to have a sexy, hot man appear before me. 


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Fire & Ice Spotlight~Review

Title- Fire & Ice
Series- Book Of Shadows Book # 1
By- Lacey Weatherford
Publication Date- September 8, 2013


Time passes . . . sometimes too quickly, other times not fast enough, but that’s not what’s important. The essential thing is what we learn about ourselves during that passage of time and how we apply it. Will we continue to follow the destructive paths we find ourselves on? Will we give in to circumstances that seem completely unchangeable? Or will we desperately fight to hold onto those we love and to what’s good inside us—no matter how terrible the cost?

I only know I would do whatever was required of me to keep Portia, but in a world of witches, warlocks, and demons, anything can happen.

My name is Vance Mangum, and this is my story.


Lacey Weatherford was born in Ft. Meade Maryland while her father was serving in the military. She has been a life long resident of Arizona, spending most of her time growing up in the small rural town of Clay Springs.

It was while she was attending the small country school in Clay Springs, that she read her first "big" book at the age of eight. It was a Nancy Drew novel and Lacey was instantly hooked. She read every book that she could find in the series and decided that she wanted to write stories too.

Lacey spent a lot of time at the library from that time forward, even volunteering in her later teen years and early twenties. She would don a crazy clown outfit for the Friends of the Library fundraisers in an effort to help get the new town library built.

When she and her husband moved away from the area, Lacey took the opportunity to take some creative writing classes at the local college to help further along her interests. Several years later, they were blessed with the opportunity to move back to Clay Springs with their family. The town had finally succeeded in building their library and Lacey had the opportunity to be President of the Friends of the Library for a very short time, before relocating.

Lacey and her family still live in the White Mountains of Arizona, where she continues to write young adult novels that have a fantasy/fairytale or paranormal bent to them, as well as being sure to include a great romantic storyline!

Rafflecopter Code-

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Favorite Lines “Don’t allow yourself to be confused by names and labels—instead learn to accept things as they are. You are a special being, gifted with a higher power, which has been passed down since the beginning of time. Use your gift wisely and allow only good energy to flow through you.”

“You know I love you with every fiber of my being.”

“Yes, I do.” Needing to touch her, I ran my cupped hand down the side of her cheek. “And I can’t stop being awed by it.”

“I'm no longer there. I cannot, and will not, let you live a life where something like this could happen again.”

“It’s time to stop running. It’s time to face him head on. Hold on tight, Dad, because now I’m coming after you.”

The tears were flowing by the end of this book! Man this poor guy! He's hunted by his crazy power addicted father! That's Vance's life! He has been on the run as long as he can remember. His father hunts him every day, every hour, every minute! He wants Vance's blood! He's become a demon by drinking the blood of Witches and Warlocks. Vance has extremely powerful blood!

In walks Portia! When he's sees her his world stops! He will not run anymore he's found his life mate she's everything to him!

The. The past has caught up with him and it has such a heart breaking effect! Great author, amazing passionate writing! I need more so much more!

I was given this book in exchange for an honest review (GHB)


Sinful Southern Hero By S.J. Drum Review~Spotlight~Excerpts

Sinful Southern Hero
by S.J. Drum 
Expected publication: November 27th 2013 by Ellora's Cave
Book 2 in the Sinful South Series

Lucy escapes an abusive marriage and moves to Clifton, Tennessee for a fresh start, somewhere safe to rebuild her life. She isn’t prepared for Dalton, a tattooed construction company owner with a penchant for dominating in the bedroom, or the feelings he awakens.

When Lucy’s ex-husband proves he’s unwilling to allow his reign of terror to end along with the marriage, will she be able to set aside her fears and place her trust in Dalton? 

The one thing she wasn’t looking for in the small town of Clifton is the one thing Lucy needs…a SINFUL SOUTHERN HERO.

Former zookeeper turned author S.J. Drum writes Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance Novels, each with a bit of Steampunk flair. She also writes an erotic series with tattooed heroes, first-in-series is SINFUL SOUTHERN INK (Ellora's Cave 7-6-12).

S.J. Drum writes LGBT New Adult Dark Urban Fantasy under the pen name J.T. Fairfield. The first book in the Bayou Zoo series was released on 10/22/12, CAGED IN MYTH.

When she's not changing diapers or writing, she enjoys scuba diving and has been known to make an elephant do a headstand.

You can find S.J. Drum on Twitter @AuthorSJDrum, at, and Facebook

Favorite Quotes:
“Hey, Dalton. You at a point when you can take a break?”
Without turning to face Jed, Dalton tugged off the leather work gloves that’d molded to his hands. “Not if you want me to make some visible progress before Artsy Miss Big City gets here.”
“Don’t worry, he’s all bark and no bite.”
“What are you—” Dalton spun around at Jed’s strange words to find him standing just inside the destroyed office space with a petite redhead at his side. The first thing Dalton noticed was her hair. It was hard not to notice something like that. The little fox had a head full of curls in a striking shade of strawberry blonde that couldn’t have come
from a bottle. He had an obscene urge to stride over and spear his fingers through that soft, curly mane.
“Dalton Loretto, Lucy Ellingsworth. She’s our new tenant.”
Lucy’s eyes were wide and owlish as her gaze traveled over the ruined carpet, destroyed wall and dust coating every surface of the room. Then her gaze zeroed in on Dalton and he watched her blink once, twice. She inhaled, her chest expanding to push small, pert breasts against her pale-blue tank top. It was so hot inside the room she’d already started to sweat, making the thin material of her top cling to her like a second skin.
Not the time for a boner, Dalton.
He cleared his throat and strode forward, wiping a hand on his jeans before extending it toward the woman. She stared at his outstretched hand before seeming to decide something and reaching forward to clasp it in a surprisingly strong grip.
“Nice to meet you, Dalton. Artsy Miss Big City seems too formal, you can just call me Lucy.”
He climbed out of his truck, deciding to try the apartment on the first floor. If it wasn’t hers, the person could tell him which one belonged to Lucy. As he neared the door, fist raised to knock, a sound had him glancing up. The door to the second story apartment, the one glowing with what must be every light in the place turned on, was thrown open. He stepped back out from under the narrow overhang to see who had opened the door.
Dalton had barely cleared the overhang when a hard, black projectile came flying at his head.
“Bastard!” A feminine voice screeched.
He registered the voice as belonging to Lucy a second before he was hit smack dab in the middle of his forehead with a thin cell phone. He stumbled back a step, cursing and wishing he’d tried harder to avoid the damn thing instead of trying to see who had thrown it.
“You’re beautiful, Lucy. Whether you cover your scars or not, you’ll always be beautiful.”
She snapped her focus from his lips to his eyes and found them filled with emotion and determination. No one had ever looked at Lucy like that. No one had ever called her pretty, let alone beautiful. Lucy was chubby and her hair, though she’d always liked the strawberry-blonde color, was unruly and disheveled most of the time. “I’m not beautiful,” she whispered, suddenly uncomfortable. “You don’t have to say that.”
Dalton’s jaw clenched and he stood, releasing her hand in favor of fisting his hands and pressing them knuckles-down on the table at her hip. He leaned over her, bringing his nose close to hers. “Don’t accuse me of lying. Woman, I don’t spill bullshit just for the sake of it. You may not know it, maybe no one ever told you, but you are beautiful. Shit, I haven’t been able to take my eyes off you since the day you walked into this shop.”

I was given this story in exchange for an honest review.
In this story you meet a woman names Lucy who has been through so much and has been mistreated by her mom, dad and now physically abused by her husband.  Lucy has made the decision that she is no longer going to stay in this kind of relationship and divorces her husband and does not let her mom or dad know where she has gone. But will this be enough.  Lucy believes that she will be living her new life alone but what she doesn’t count on is meeting Dalton.
Dalton is a construction company owner who will do anything for his friends and now that he has met Lucy he will do whatever it takes to get to know her better.  But a major problem is that his is a Dom and loves to spank his lover.  Can Lucy handle his lifestyle?
What will happen when Lucy’s ex-husband or Rachel, Dalton’s ex-sex buddy decide they do not want to let them go?  Will they survive long enough to find true love or will their ex’s destroy everything they both are starting to build?
This was a great story. The story has sadness, anger, hurt, pain, humor, laughter, and love.  The author’s writing keeps you interested and wanting to know what will happen next.


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Angee Taylor Author Blitz w/ Giveaway

Angee was born in Houston, Texas in 1977, to an interesting family. Her mother and father separated when she was young. She lived with her mother who later remarried a wonderful man, who had a huge impact on her as she grew up. Angee has always had a love of reading, mostly paranormal. As a child, she would sneak up at late night when her mom thought she was sleeping, to read. They moved around a lot, eventually settling in Deep East Texas. Angee married at a young age and eventually divorced. She has raised her now 16 year old son alone. Angee works full time as a pre-hospital nurse and sometimes sees things that would make the rest of us have nightmares. On other days, she is blessed to see miracles. These things are what drive her to write.

In 2006, she was diagnosed with a rare disease, shortly after that she was told she would be on full disability in five years and most likely to be dead in ten. She’s fought to live a normal life every day since and is beating those odds. She works at a demanding job, is a single mom, cares for an elderly mother, and two dogs.

Angee describes her job as- “I fight to save people’s lives. Sometimes I lose, sometimes I win. It's the emotional roller coaster of that job, which leads me to writing. I'm able to put those emotions into my characters and let them out of my heart and soul.”

Facebook Author -
Author Twitter -

Judge a book by its cover

Do you judge a book by its cover? Should we judge a book by its cover?

I hate to admit it but I’m just as guilty of this as the next person is. That is one reason I’m glad if I’m sent books to review for my blog that are part of a tour I usually don’t see the cover until after I’ve read it. I tend to give them more of a chance then ones I get that I don’t like the covers. At the same time, if I love the cover of it I’m more likely to read it even if the story line isn’t that great.

In reality, I shouldn’t. I have read some books that I hadn’t seen the cover on until after I’d written the review. I loved the book but if I’d been shown the cover I would have turned it down. This has happened the other way to. I’ve read some books I hated, then later saw the cover and thought to myself. I so should’ve loved that book.

So that alone, is proof enough to me I shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover.​