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Lora Leigh Wake a Sleeping Tiger Review

Wake A Sleeping Tiger
Lora Leigh

When readers of dark romance and unbridled desire want to be satisfied, they turn to #1 New York Times bestselling author Lora Leigh and her “powerful and highly erotic” (Fresh Fiction) Breed novels. Now a Breed hides in the world of man—until a woman arouses the amused and wildly carnal animal within...
Once, he was Judd—Bengal Breed and brother to the notorious fugitive Gideon.
After Gideon disappeared, Judd was experimented on until his tortured body knew nothing but agony.
Now he is Cullen Maverick, serving as the commander of the Navajo Covert Law Enforcement Agency in the small community of Window Rock, Arizona. Despite his genetics, Cullen is able to pass as human because his Bengal traits are recessed. He lacks the ability to smell the emotions, bonds and fears that other Breeds take for granted. And he remains tormented that he wasn’t able to mate the woman he loved—at the cost of her life.
He’s no longer a Breed, merely a man. . . or so he thinks. But his tiger is about to be awakened by the one woman destined to be his—Chelsea Martinez. And their world will never be the same...


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Lora Leigh lives in the rolling hills of Kentucky, often found absorbing the ambience of this peaceful setting. She dreams in bright, vivid images of the characters intent on taking over her writing life, and fights a constant battle to put them on the hard drive of her computer before they can disappear as fast as they appeared.

Lora's family, and her writing life co-exist, if not in harmony, in relative peace with each other. Surrounded by a menagerie of pets, friends, and a teenage son who keeps her quick wit engaged, Lora's life is filled with joys, aided by her fans whose hearts remind her daily why she writes. 

If you are a bookstore owner or manager, please email loraleighpa@gmail.com for snail mail notices of books scheduled to release in print, as well as bound pamphlets of current titles in print for your customers to browse through as well as other promotional items.

Favorite Quotes

“Chelsea,” he began warningly.
“I mean it, Cullen,” she snapped. “You can go home.”
He growled at her, a low, deep, feline rumble that so shocked her that it had her foot releasing the gas pedal and her eyes widening in confusion.
He growled at her?
“What the hell was that?” she exclaimed, finally recovering and hitting the gas harder. “Oh my God, I thought you couldn’t do that. I never heard you do that before. Are you like going freaky cat on me or something? I thought you were—recessed?”
She’d seen Cullen absolutely enraged before, but she’d never heard that sound coming from his chest.
“I am.” His voice was deeper, rougher than normal. “But I am still a Breed and you’re driving me fucking crazy. Now, let’s wait till we get to your place before you make me crazier.”
Had he lost his ever-lovin’ mind?
He had to have done just that.
“Sounds to me like it would be hard for you to get any crazier,” she muttered, glancing over at him warily as she took the turn toward Window Rock. “How long have you been making that crazy sound anyway? Should you see a Breed specialist or something? Maybe those recessed genetics are going all wacky.”
She glanced over in time to catch the glare he shot her.
“Wacky?” he questioned her carefully. “Breed genetics don’t go wacky.”
“Course they do.” She shrugged, frowning. “Malachi’s go wacky on Isabelle all the time. Growling and acting all possessive and crap. He even bites her.” She rolled her eyes before frowning again. “Come to think of it, you bit me.”

“That’s Graeme?” She kept her voice at a whisper as suspicion filled it. “You’re lying. I’ve met Graeme. He doesn’t look like that.”
The Primal smiled with savage, bloodthirsty satisfaction, a growl rumbling in his throat. Shooting him a glare, Cullen wondered if investing in a whip and chair would do any good.
“Why is it smiling?” she asked him, ignoring the snap of teeth and warning snarl Graeme displayed. “Give me my gun back. I think we’re going to need it.”
He glanced down at her with an irritable frown. “No.”
“Really?” she hissed, incredulity filling the low tone of her voice. “Look at it. It’s insane. Give me my gun before it decides to bite you. Or me.”
Graeme’s expression darkened at her statement, the stripes turning a deep, furious black.
“Dammit, Chelsea,” Cullen cursed, holding to her as she wiggled against him. “He’s not going to bite anyone, and you’re not shooting him.”
Graeme’s lip lifted in a dangerous curl of impending violence, his incisor glinting ominously in the low light.
“Is it sane, do you think?” she whispered, stilling against him as her hands gripped his forearm, her obvious fascination grating at his patience.
Grunting at the question, he shot Graeme a testy look, noticing the offended pride in his brother’s expression. “Not even on a good day. And stop calling him ‘it.’”
“So what is it?” She ignored the order as Graeme’s nostrils flared and the displeasure in his warning growls increased.
“You know I can hear you, right?” he grated, the animalistic tone not quite as grating as moments before.
lsea,” he muttered warningly, wondering at what point the Primal would grow tired of the “it” title.
If Graeme’s louder, harsher snarl was any indication, he was reaching the end of his patience. The sound was low, deep, a grumble meant to intimidate. It was all Cullen could do not to groan in resignation. Chelsea didn’t do intimidated very well.
She stiffened against him and feminine outrage poured from her.
“Maybe it’s hungry,” she suggested, her voice low but definitely goading now. “Do you keep kitty kibble around?”

Maybe it’s hungry,” she suggested, her voice low but definitely goading now. “Do you keep kitty kibble around?”
Silence snapped in the room.
Graeme’s eyes narrowed, the jade green color glittering brighter and flaring with rage as he took a step closer and let loose another of those lethal roars.
She didn’t even have the good sense to flinch.
Not that Cullen flinched, but he was used to them by now.
Instead, Chelsea waited until Graeme almost seemed to relax marginally at her supposedly submissive silence.
“I’m calling Cat and reporting its bad behavior,” she whispered then, as though it were some secret and Graeme couldn’t overhear her. “Maybe she’ll come collect it. Do you think?”
Cullen tried to push her behind him as Graeme stepped closer, nostrils flaring, the Primal’s eyes flickering with impending retaliation.
“Cat will not be pleased with it,” she said then, and surprisingly Graeme paused, frowning again.
“Do not threaten me,” the grating voice ordered her in a harsh, guttural command.
“Then get from between me and my coffee. Your rude roars woke me up way too early and no one should expect me to be nice under the circumstances.” She pushed at his arm again, and this time Cullen just let her go. “Besides.” She finished buttoning the shirt she wore. “Wild animals are supposed to be kept outside, not in the kitchen.”

This is one amazing writer. She has proved again just home well she writes. I have read everyone of the Breed series books and I have to say this is one of my favorite ones. 

This is the story of Cullen AKA Jude who everyone believes is no longer a Breed. He has recessive Primal Breed genetics that his brother Graeme aka Gideon believes is there. Cullen Calls his brother Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. If does fit him though. He believes all it takes is his mate to bring it out and Chelsea Martinez is the only woman who can wake the tiger. 

Chelsea has loved Cullen for a long as she can remember but doesn't think Cullen will ever love her back. Now she finds her life endanger and has no clue what she has done or who she has hurt to want her dead.  But Cullen isn't make her life any easier. The only way to find out who is doing this is for Cullen and Chelsea to work together but with Chelsea's stubbornness and Cullens need to keep Chelsea out of the danger they have their work cut out. 

Will Cullen and Chelsea finally see they need to work together in time or will it be too late.

There are many twists and turns in this story. Some you would never expect and some you will say "I knew that was coming." There are moments as you read the story that you want to cry, kill and be angry right hold with the characters. She pulls you in and you feel you are part of the action. There is suspense, drama and thrills throughout the story. There are even times you laugh when you never thought you would. In the end is a twist you NEVER thought or saw coming. 

Keep the stories coming Lora Leigh. Can't wait for the next one.....

I give this story five TIGER ANGELS

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