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Severed Ties Spotlight~Excerpt~Review~Giveaway

Title: Severed Ties
Author: Angie Skelhorn
Genre: Paranormal/YA
Publisher: Damnation Books
Release Date: Dec 1 2012
Edition/Formats Available In: E~Book & Print
By the use of divination and magic, some ties can never be severed.
In the beginning, by the light of the Full Moon, Frankie connects with Candice's energy through dream time and witnesses her involvement in a terrifying act of violence. After receiving information from Sandra that their childhood friend is missing, they pack their bags and head to the inner city to find her.
Frankie, afraid for her own safety, has a chance encounter with a local named Calvin who is plugged into what's happening. Using his workable ideas—as well as Frankie and Sandra consulting tarot, ordinary playing cards, astrology, and spell-casting—they set forth to free Candice from the dangerous situation she is in.
My name is Angie Skelhorn and I live in Canada. My interest include tarot, and other forms of divination, astrology, spirituality, mythology and harness racing. I gear my writing toward Witchcraft and Spiritualism. I've been published in Circle Sanctuary Magazine and online at Witchvox, and
I authored No Reins and Till Death and Beyond - Publisher, Club Lighthouse Publishing. My newest release is Severed Ties - Publisher, Damnation Books- book launch December 1, 2012.

     Frankie fixed her eyes on Sandra. “Why didn’t you tell me?”
     Sandra’s gaze held hers. “You’ve been extremely disturbed, already. I didn’t want to worry you. Be thankful I didn’t. It was very tiring trying to find the perfect spell. I strolled aisle after aisle, looked through book after book in search of the perfect ingredients to jump off the pages before the spell came alive.”
    She sat in suspense.
    “Words have power. It was extremely important that I chose the right words to say.       Words give order and shape reality. The words spoken need to be directed toward a good purpose, not to harm. I’ve done my research and designed two perfect spells. One to grab her attention with ease, and the other to banish the addiction she found herself in,” she said, removing an incense stick and a box of wooden matches.
     Frankie nodded in agreement. She didn’t question her friend.
     She was known for her thorough research.
     “The spell will help to protect the pair of you from any danger on your journey,” she claimed, lighting a dragon’s blood incense stick.
     Sandra took from her hobo bag a red hankie with an elastic wrapped tightly around it. She removed the rubber band then folded back the three corners, which had sealed a carnelian—a semi-precious stone. The reddish quartz sparkled in her palm.
     The incense stick burned as she waved the smoke over the reddish quartz and said,        “Here do I hold a carnelian that has the power to ground and align Candice to follow Frankie. I bid the semi-precious stone to be cleansed and purified. I consecrate thee to be used as a tool in magic to do my will.”
Favorite Line "She’s finally free.”

Frankie and Sandra find out there childhood friend Candice is missing and the must find her. The are witches who use tarot cards to guide them in the journey. Candice is really messed up! She's stripping, using drugs, and being beaten by her pimp.
Anyone who has had any kind of history with drugs will be touched by this story, it's sad but, this scene happens more and more every day. I admire the author for taking this risk. I wish it would have a little more feelings but, I think that's me not understanding the around the tarot cards and spirits. Time and time again children from broken homes turn to drugs and this author really captioned what drugs do to someone, not only there body but, there mind.
It's a touching read!

I was given book in exchange for honest review. (RBTL)



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