Friday, July 29, 2016

A Fragile Will By Glen Ebisch Guest Post

A Fragile Will
By Glen Ebisch
Genre: Women’s Fiction
Publisher: Red Adept Publishing

When high school English teacher Cassandra Reilly is laid off, she takes a poorly paying part-time job at a local nursing home to make ends meet. Her employment problems may be solved when one of her patients passes away after naming her in his will as the director of a new literary research center. But Cassie isn’t certain she can handle the position, and her doubts increase when she receives a threat against her life.
The lawyer who handles the will proves to be a source of support and comfort, and Cassie hopes their friendship will deepen into love. As the danger increases and Cassie faces her doubts about her own abilities, she begins to develop a new strength of character that will help her achieve her life’s goals.

Author Bio

Glen Ebisch taught philosophy in college for over twenty-five years, and for the same period of time has been writing mysteries, first for young people, then for adults.  He has been fortunate enough to have seventeen published books. 
Glen lives with his wife in western Massachusetts and now focuses full time on writing, exercise, and travel.

Guest Post

One question that readers often ask is what is the inspiration behind your novel.  Why did you write this book rather than any of the others that may have occurred to you?  In the case of A FRAGILE WILL, my most recent book from Red Adept Publishing, I wanted to write a book about a young woman in her middle twenties who is having trouble getting started in life.  Cassandra Reilly is not in a long-term relationship, and she has been laid off from her teaching job, which forces her to take part-time work reading to people in a nursing home.  Barely able to make ends meet, she faces the prospect of having to move back in with her parents, who are well meaning but rather traditional.  Her friend Melanie confronts a slightly different situation.  Although she has a job she loves, her lack of self-esteem in certain areas causes her to make poor choices in men.  

I worked with this plot because I think it reflects the real life situation for many young people both male and female given the current economic climate and the transitory nature of personal relationships.  Since this is a suspense novel, I have the way out of Cassandra’s career dilemma being blocked both by her personal insecurities and threatening outside forces.  As a result of these problems, however, she also meets a potential partner who may represent the solution to her being alone. As for Melanie, she must be strong enough to bring charges against her abusive boyfriend, and find the strength to enter a new relationship.

I believe that mysteries and suspense novels are not only sources of entertainment but they can also cast light upon our society and the problems people face.  Although they shouldn’t be preachy or filled with heavy-handed lessons, I think they can make valuable observations and even suggest solutions to contemporary situations. So I hope you will read and enjoy A FRAGILE WILL, and at the same time find it to be relevant in some way to your own life.  

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