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Title: Winterskin
Author: C.M. Estopare
Genre: Dark / Epic Fantasy
The Path.
Perilous. Brutal. Deadly.
It is said that if a man journeys in alone, he’ll never return and there will be no corpse to bury.
Thousands of lives hang in the balance. Braving the Path is the key to saving them, but their survival is not guaranteed. For the Path is brimming with flesh ravenous monsters and the threat of a sinister presence known only as “the Lady”, an eerie entity dwelling deep within the confines of the black forest.
Escorted by a chosen few, the Chaperon is prepared to move forward to preserve the lives of a mountain town planted deep within the forest. But even in the dead of winter, the dark creatures prowling the surrounding forest remain unsettled and are bent on decimating any who encroach upon their territory.
Katell Maeva, one of those assigned to escort the Chaperon, will have to prove herself on this journey if she wants to be deemed a full-fledged shieldmaiden. But even her unique abilities may not be strong enough to withstand the brutal attacks they’ll face. Can this young woman, desperate to save her own family, complete her mission to escort the Chaperon and lead the convoy to safety?
For her, this journey is more than just a challenge; it’s the key to her future.
A world frozen within the cusp of winter, teetering upon an age that promises the evolution of mortals into gods, WINTERSKIN weaves the consequences of brutal ambition into the personal tale of shieldmaiden Katell Maeva’s growth into a woman bound in a darkening world gone feral.
WINTERSKIN is book one in the exciting dark fantasy series KINDRED SOULS. A fast-paced read, filled with jaw-dropping action, and savage femme fatales, WINTERSKIN is a riveting page turner that is impossible to put down.

Author Bio

C.M. Estopare is a full-time author, avid yoga enthusiast, and veteran of the United States military. She is the author of HEARTFELT SOUNDS, a young adult coming of age fantasy about the enthralling power of one young woman's voice.
KINDRED SOULS is a five part epic and dark fantasy series hitting Amazon and Kindle Unlimited beginning in February 2017. Look out for the first book, WINTERSKIN, debuting February 9th, 2017. 
When not writing, C.M. Estopare enjoys reading about the fantastical worlds in the minds of others. She also enjoys playing around with her puppy,Duke, and adventuring with her husband. 
Describe your books in 3 words?
            Compelling, brutal, fantastical.
If you could be any character from one of your books who would it be?
            Without giving too much away, I’d like to be the Scyllah Vanguard, Elisedd, from Winterskin. Why? Because he is cunning and witty, with a bit of a soft side for his daughter.
What is your greatest fear about being an author/publishing your book(s)?
            My greatest fear would be failing to meet my audience’s expectations.
Would the 10 year-old version of yourself kick your butt or praise you for what you've
accomplished in life?
            My ten year old self would definitely praise me for what I’ve accomplished so far, and then she’d tell me to get off my butt work harder.  
What do you do when you finish your book and turn it in to the editor?
            After finishing a first draft and turning it into my editor, I get to work on the next book in my current series or begin brainstorming what I’m going to write next. I am an avid believer in the age old saying that a writer must write every day.
What is your favorite Genre and why?
            Fantasy has to be my favorite genre because it is freeing. It is a way of escape, but it is also a way of delving into sensitive topics that I wouldn’t be able to touch on in thriller or young adult fiction. Fantasy lets us see things such as racism beneath a different lense.
What is one thing that would surprise us to know about you?  
            I am a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, though I don’t look it!
Was there an Author who inspired you to write?
            I’m a gamer at heart and when I learned that the Witcher was originally written by a polish author I had to go out and read his books! Andrez Sapkowski (if I’m spelling that right!) inspired me to write dark fantasy. But, originally, growing up I read a lot of Tamora Pierce and began writing when I was around twelve for teachers and fellow students.
How did you come up with the characters in your books?
            Characters are something I begin seeing in my mind’s eye. Just like setting and plots and certain key scenes in my books. Some of the characters I’ve created are based off of ideas, like the idea that freedom is never free or that logic trumps all. Other characters are based off of people I’ve met or those I’ve trained with overseas.
Do you prefer to write alone or do you like to collaborate with other authors?
            I am extremely introverted--extremely! The only other two people I collaborate with on my books are my beta reader and my editor. When I write, I lock myself in my office for hours at a time with only a cup of tea and my dog to keep me company. Honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Writing is not something I can do with other people.
Everyone uses computers, tablets, phones and no one uses handwritten form or typewriters, what do you prefer to use?
            I prefer to use Open Office or Scrivener. Something streamlined without any bells or whistles is truly the best when it comes to writing. Concentration can be broken easily, so why tempt yourself by writing on your phone or tablet? My Lenovo Ideapad is all I need to write a good book.
Is there a ritual you do everything before you begin your book?
            Seven o’clock sharp starts my day. I’ll sit down around eight o’clock to do some freewriting, and around eight thirty I’ll begin writing. Before every session I’ll write out what my editor calls an Agency Tree and think through what my protagonist is going to do during my writing session.
            Oh--and I make coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.
What do you do when you finish your book and turn it in to the editor?
            After typing up my ending, I’ll send it off to the editor without a second look. I’ll try my best to put that finished piece out of my mind and begin work on the second. Maybe I’ll pick up another book and read (Phillipa Gregory often does the trick), or I’ll go through a writing craft book.


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