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About the Book
Title: Vehn
Author: LS Anders
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Vehn Mathieu possesses one of the most recognizable faces on the planet. He has everything money can buy, but there’s a huge piece missing from his exceptional life that can’t be bought – a soulmate. He longs to find a woman who wants the man behind the persona, a woman who can see beyond the fa├žade. When he finally finds the one, she is completely unaware of his true identity. Will she be able to come to grips with his celebrity and love the man behind the name?
Callie Mackenzie is well-known in her own little niche. Her beauty, talent, and radiant personality hide the dark, jagged scars of her past that threaten to extinguish the light of her future. Her seemingly iron-clad armor can barely protect the fractured soul of the woman beneath as she fights a daily battle to preserve the happiness she has strived so hard to achieve. Finished with abusive men, she prefers to daydream about the one she thinks she’ll never meet. But when Callie’s fantasy becomes her reality, how will she slay her own demons to be with him?
Vehn and Callie together.
When forces outside their control threaten to destroy their fragile new bond, Vehn and Callie come face to face with her deep-rooted insecurities. Their chemistry is unshakable, but is their untried relationship strong enough to endure the hardships of his fame and her past? Is the reward of being together worth the price each must pay to keep their one true love?

She was still a little embarrassed about acting like a straight-up whore. She had allowed a stranger in a freaking mask to shove his tongue down her throat and dry hump her until they both came. She groaned, pulling the covers up over her head as if that was going to somehow shield her from her own embarrassment. Sheesh! Was she so desperate for affection that she craved the touch of a complete stranger? She wasn’t sure what it was about him that had her crushing on him already. Thankfully, her subconscious saved her from taking their make-out session to the next level. She didn’t know what she would have allowed him to do if they were alone. No, that wasn't true. She knew exactly what she would have done. She would have had him hard and deep, and not given two shits about the consequences, especially after she had copped a feel of his gigantic cock. The damn thing was so freaking large she would swear she felt his pulse, and her clit was definitely not allergic! As for her panty-changing rating system? Well he had surpassed that. Once he’d planted that beautiful mouth of his over hers and began that delicious roll of his hips, there was nothing left to change. Why? Because, they had melted right the fuck off her body! As in complete and utter disintegration. As in nothing left to change. Gone! Turned to molten liquid. Then she had cum so hard she wouldn’t be surprised if her uterus had been turned inside out. She couldn’t even begin to imagine the orgasm she would have had if it had been around his cock. Just thinking about how he felt on top of her and the size of his erection was making her rub her thighs together. She was already hot and wet again. Guess she was going to have to take care of business before she could get any sleep. Her hand slowly found its way to her stomach, but stopped, unsure she should go lower. She felt utterly ridiculous. The feeling so foreign, it was absurd. She’d never had trouble touching herself before. What was she doing, saving herself for Lee? "Sheesh, Callie, it's not like this is the first time. Like he’s going to care if I rub one out," she chided herself. Sighing in defeat, she slipped her hand inside her panties and touched the soft lips of her sex. She felt her moisture already beginning to leak out and slipped a finger inside. She arched up off the bed from the contact, a vivid image of Lee firmly in place. She closed her eyes, remembering his scent, the taste of his lips, the feel of his hard body against hers, his roaming hands cupping her breasts, squeezing her ass. She imagined she had removed his mask, but still couldn’t make out his facial features. Then their costumes vanished and they were both naked, with him buried deep inside her as they thrust against each other. Her finger wasn’t enough, so she slipped a second inside and pumped herself faster. She was so close, but her fingers were only fueling her need to have more inside her. She wanted that feeling of fullness, of being stretch tight the way she knew Lee would fill her. Disengaging, she threw back the covers and raced to her walk-in closet where she had stashed a 10- inch extra thick dildo she had received as a gag gift from her BFF, Dylan. Thank you, Dylan!

Author Bio

Hello fellow romance-aholics!
As many of us do, I read to give myself a break from the daily grind and there’s no better way to do that than to get lost inside a juicy romance novel when you’re feeling overworked or overstressed.
I’m a wearer of many hats. I’m a wife, a mother, a female firefighter, a reader and lover of all things romance, an avid daydreamer, and a new author to the contemporary romance genre.
Vehn is the first in the Exotic Ink Book Series and will be available on Amazon in March 2017! Books to soon follow will be Tegan and Jake.
I hope you enjoy reading my series as much as I’ve enjoyed bring these characters to life.
L.S. Anders

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