Friday, August 18, 2017

Just One Kiss By B.B. McNeil

Just One Kiss
By B.B. McNeil
Genre: Erotic romance, contemporary Romance

Leah Simone Bradshaw just arrived in Washington, D.C. hoping to put miles between her new life and the relationship turmoil left behind in Seattle. She’s a self-proclaimed ‘good girl’ with her head on straight and a clear vision for her future. That is, until she runs into Matthew Morrison, her best friend’s younger brother.

Matthew Morrison spent most of his pre-teen years being the ugly duckling but has no plans to return. His good looks, sculpted body and military training have made him a force among his friends, family and the insatiable ladies of D.C. With no plans to settle down, Matthew spends his time giving women one thing—and it’s not a commitment.

Matthew is a manwhore with the brains, body and bedroom reputation Leah was hoping to avoid. Known for having a different woman in his bed every night, what happens when Matthew decides he now wants to add Leah to the list? Drawn to his every word and movement, can Leah keep her distance and stay focused just when her body craves him most? What about the bombshell in Leah’s past that threatens to unravel everything?

Trapped inside an insatiable world of sex and secrets, Leah and Matthew prove one kiss is rarely just a kiss.

Author Bio:

B.B. McNeil is a hopeless romantic with a dirty mind. An Atlanta transplant, she loves to write and is equipped with an arsenal of stories at all times. When not writing her own tales, B.B. is ravenously reading other raunchy books from amazing writers, expanding the limits of her kinky mind. She enjoys spending time with her amazingly sexy husband and crazy perfect toddler.

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“Follow your heart. No matter the outcome, you will be at peace knowing you gave it your all.”

The words of my great aunt BeBe echoed in my mind as I sat against the coolness of the hardwood floor, legs crossed beneath me. My eyes darted from wall to wall, embracing the emptiness filling my new place. A sense of peace washed the room and my nerves settled. Considering the year I had endured, it was time for a new start. Washington D.C. was the perfect place and my new high-rise condo was the first step.
“Hello? Leah? Are you there?” Finger snaps and the voice of my best friend, Alexandria, brought me out of my daydream. Her confused face filled my laptop screen. Talking to Alex was one way to forget that I’d been waiting on the furniture delivery for a few hours now. Most of my belongings were left behind or donated because the memories embodied in their existence were unbearable. Memories best buried in the deep recesses of my mind, locked away—never to be retrieved. I glance at the few select boxes and sacred pieces of furniture. I wanted a fresh start with new stories to tell and bringing a bunch of stuff that reminded me of my past would not cut it. Including the relationship that took me through it to the point of relocating my entire life. Maybe the next owner would create good, lasting memories with my old belongings. Maybe it would be filled with nothing but joy, excitement and no stress or unhappiness. It was possible. It could happen. It was wonderful to be back on the east coast, close to friends again. I grew up near the suburbs of Philadelphia and then lived with Alex and her family during my senior year of high school when my mom moved away. My dad, a Sergeant Major in the Marines, was stationed in Japan and not really available to be a full-time parent. Back then, all I wanted was my dad. I wanted him to rush home and hug me. I needed him to reassure me that all would be okay. Instead, he called a few times and I found myself shuffled between Great Aunt BeBe’s and Alex’s family. My life was spent bouncing from house to house. Then, when I finally felt settled, I’d get shuffled again. All I ever needed was a sense of stability. All I ever wanted was to feel wanted. “Sorry Alex, I am totally listening. Go ahead,” I responded as Alex rummaged through several case files sitting on her desk. “Okay, so I’m leaving the office early and coming right over to your place. I cannot believe I actually have my best friend back!”
I laughed as her excitement emanated through the screen. We’d met in an honors pre-law class in high school. We had debated a case and the mock jury was deadlocked. Our equally-matched talents would make us arch enemies or close friends. Luckily, we chose to combine our strengths and eventually became the best of friends. Over the years, we’d pushed each other to be better lawyers. It had paid off because Alex was now a partner at her firm with many high-profile wins and I was a passionate attorney with an amazing eye for detail. That included having a photographic memory for documents and despite my sudden job transfer, it was only a matter of time before I made a name for myself in D.C. Also, because of its size and location, D.C. would surely be better for my professional advancement than Seattle.
“Girl, I will be here. I’ve got the furniture delivery, cable and security installation all happening today so I am ordering take out and laying still on this floor until I absolutely have to move. Plus, the housekeeper is coming to help me unpack.” I rolled over to the large area rug and picked up one of the many accent pillows. Adjusting my position, I left my golden-toned legs crossed and thought about my favorite scene from the movie Bad Boys. I swung my foot side to side and ran my fingers through my curly mass of hair. My head bounced to the beat as soft chocolate and golden brown curls fell towards my face. “Don’t forget, we are going to that new club to grab drinks this weekend. You’ll see some of D.C.’s finest bachelors and you’ll have a chance to meet the girls from our group. Oh, maybe some of the guys too. Matthew should be back in town by then and he might meet us there. But, you never know with him.” Alex said all of this in one excited breath.
“I don’t know Alex. I have so much to do plus work starts tomorrow and I really want to be on top of my game at this new firm. Being a social butterfly is not on my list of priorities this time around.” I exhaled as I saw her excitement give way to disappointment. I decided to put forth an effort and not shut down the idea completely.

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