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Murder, Mayhem and Magic By Melanie Quinlan and Sabine Skye

Murder, Mayhem and Magic - blurb

When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth”-Sherlock Holmes.

But what if the truth is not only improbable, but otherworldly?

Meet Alistair Gordon and Jerome Garibaldi, two Victorian gentlemen and part-time sleuths. Not only do they follow in the footsteps of the greatest detective who never lived, they meet more than they bargained for when a case of magic goes horribly wrong.

Accompany them on a journey through several Victorian mysteries, from a marriage that was not meant to be, to murder most strange, and to a twosome celebrated with rose petals. Join Alistair as his investigations lead him from the somewhat respectable world of medicine where he teaches young doctors in training, to the dark dangerous night world of opium dens and public houses. Follow as Jerome turns his life around, from a blackmailing lay-about to a lover, lodger, and layman detective. Walk with Alistair and Jerome through the foggy alleyways where hansom cabs rattle past like wraiths in chains, painted faces lurk from darkened doorways and death stalks the living.

Love, Death, and Frights in Victorian London is what you'll find in the six illustrated stories of 'Murder, Mayhem, and Magic'

Melanie Quinlan (* 1973) cannot recall a time without books or imaginary friends. Even though she made some very dear real friends and is at least theoretically grown up, she still loves telling tales and getting to know the many characters that live inside her head.
Her fascination with books lead her to studying librarianship in what later became her home town of choice, Cologne.
Her writing can best be described as Dark Queer Urban Fantasy. Some has touches of romance, others of steamy adult fun. A fascination with LGBT culture has influenced her work at least as much as her love of 80s pop music, everything Victorian, fairy tales, folklore and whatever may hide in the dark shadows under her bed.
Currently she's working on her first novel and several other projects and shares a flat in Berlin, Germany with fellow author Sabina Skye.

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Sabine Skye (*1978) is a full time Interpreter for the Deaf, but inventing new stories is one of her biggest hobbies. Her characters have been talking to her for several years now, ever since she started working on her first novel, which she hopes to finish in due time. Also, she and her partner in crime (aka “the flatmate” Melanie Quinlan) are writing Victorian crime stories together.

She writes in English, and tries to improve her writing skills by reading various genres.
Sabina Skye currently lives in Berlin, Germany with “the flatmate” during the week and with her long-time fiancĂ© in Wolfsburg, Germany on the weekend.

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