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Trolling By Emma Brady

About the Book
Title: Trolling
Author: Emma Brady
Genre: Romance / Urban Fantasy
Lily Faye-Richardson thought her bad luck was ending when she and her sisters inherited her uncle's house. Finding a green man chained in the basement changed that. Now she must trust this sexy troll to take her into a magical kingdom and rescue the only family she has.
Theno woke up with missing pieces to his memory but an angel saving him. When her sisters are kidnapped, he is willing to do anything to help her in return. The problem is, if he can't remember who he is, how can he trust himself not to hurt her?
Together, the two of them will go to the land of Tammara to bring back the other Faye girls. They will have to face an Evil Queen, who wants to find the door and cross over into the human world. There is also the matter of an intense sexual attraction between them and the need for Theno to discover his identity. Does a troll get to have a happy ending?

Author Bio
Emma graduated with both an English degree and a library sciences degree. She has always been an avid reader of romance, since she first fell in love with Wuthering Heights.  After college she decided she didn’t want to just read books and started writing them. She has already started in both urban fantasy and historical romance, but doesn’t rule out other projects in the future. Living in Kansas with her tiny lapdog and a couple rambunctious nephews, she spends most of her time reading, writing and enjoying a good cup of coffee.
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Book Excerpt
A gasp caught in her throat at the sight of the massive man being held up by thick metal chains. He was bigger than any man she had ever seen before. Not just tall, although he had to be well over seven feet, but also wide enough to fill the breadth of the room. There was no fat that she could see, just muscle upon muscle. When her eyes traveled down she found he was also stark naked and rather impressive. But it was his skin that kept her from moving any closer.
In the light cast by the flashlight it appeared to glitter both green and gold at the same time. It was hard to tell if it was real or not, but her gut said it seemed real enough. The man's head hung down and his blond hair hid his face from her. Lily could see the steady rise and fall of his chest, but nothing else gave indication of life. The chains seemed sturdy enough to hold him, so Lily scooted forward one baby step at a time.
"Save me."
The voice was deep and scratchy, but unmistakably male. Something in the tone of it hummed through her like a shock. It compelled her to move forward even more, to be within reach of him.
"Save me."
His head hung down and she saw no movement when she spoke. Her skin was beginning to grow warm with a flush she could not explain. Lily wanted to touch him so badly that only her tight grip on the flashlight stopped her.

"I like that sound. What do I do to hear it again?"
Her giggle died on her lips. No one had ever asked her something like that. It made her skin warm form the inside, just like when he told her he wanted to please her. Suddenly she imagined him tickling her while they lay naked in bed. Her whole body flushed beneath her clothes. She saw the moment he noticed, because his lips parted for air.
"I do not know what you are thinking, but I would gladly do it."
"I was not thinking...."
It was not the word he used, but the way he used it that sent tingles across her skin. "I do not think that would be a good idea."
She was alone with him in the front hall and the space seemed so much smaller than she remembered. The four feet between them wasn't nearly enough to keep her from wanting to close that distance. In fact, it felt as if the space were disappearing the longer they stood there.
"Are you afraid of me?" His voice was softer, but lost none of the masculinity.
"Didn't we cover this already?" She was trying to keep a sense of humor between them.
"Yes, but you seem to be keeping your distance more today."
"It's not you that I'm afraid of, but my own weakness to you."
"How is this a weakness?"
It took only a split second for him to move from the doorway to where she was standing. His hands were touching her, one on her hip and one behind her neck, pulling her against him. Out of instinct she raised her hands to press against his chest, but there was no force behind it. She didn't want to stop him from getting closer. Beneath his shirt her fingers felt the hard muscle that was warmer than any normal man. She wanted to melt into him.
His lips looked soft but were firm when they pressed against hers. Like the rest of his skin, his lips had a roughness to them that made her mouth tingled when they rubbed together. When he opened them she found that his tongue was nothing but softness as it danced with hers. Then she noticed something else was growing hard between them, pressing into the intimate part of her body. She couldn't help but rub against it while letting his mouth tease her.
When she felt his fingers beginning to inch under the edge of her shirt reality broke into her thoughts and she remembered the strange situation they were in. Abruptly she pulled away and slipped past him. They needed more than just a little distance to keep her in check.
"You shouldn't do that." her words stuttered.
"We both wanted me to."
"You can't always do what you want."
Theno had him pinned beneath the full weight of his body but he was still smiling. "Who are you?"
"Someone from your past, that came from the same place you did."
"You know me?"
"More than you do."
If this person knew who he was it would be better to keep him alive. That didn't mean Theno wanted him anywhere near the girls. When Theno tried to drag the man up, he managed to slip out of his grasp and hit him hard against the floor. It was enough to make Theno stop to catch his breath.
"Still feeling hungry for her, old friend?" The man said, "She is a fascinating creature. Like a butterfly. You know what happens to butterflies that are handled to roughly."
"I won't let you hurt her." Theno clenched his fists, turning to glare at him.
"It's not me you should worry about. You don't know what kind of damage you have caused, so you don't know how dangerous you are to them." He let his smile slip a moment. "There is no such thing as a gentle troll."
Without knowing who he was, Theno couldn't be sure if that was the truth. His imagination brought up one possibility after another, each darker and more disgusting than the last. The things he saw were horrible, but the things he felt was worse. He might have enjoyed the sickness in his old life, reveled in the misery. He could be a monster.
"You are a liar. You have come here to trick me."
"My friend." The intruder extended a hand and a smile to him. "I could help you remember who you are. Give you all the details you want in exchange for the location of the door."
They were not friends, they could not be. He could not be the same as such a creature. "No, you do not know me. This is just another trick."
"Don't you remember the good times we had? The fun?" He stepped back a few steps and shrugged. "I guess not, but we could create new fun here. There are more than enough of them to share."
Little Red Riding Hood was not what she expected. She was not a little girl at all, but a full grown woman with all the curves come with it. The riding hood she wore was a vibrant satin that fell against the shiny black coat of her horse. It came up to hide her face, which was slanted down at them. She rode alone, even in such a scary and dangerous place.
Lily didn't want to admit, even in her own mind that the woman intimidated her. It wasn't just the secretive cloak or the armed men, it was the bearing she had. A kind of confidence that normal women couldn't pull off. That was what made Lily continue to peek at her from beneath her lowered lids.
"How long were you following us?" Theno asked, who was walking beside them because he was not built to ride a horse. His long stride was able to keep up without trouble.
"You managed to leave the village before me but I caught up with you inside the forest. I thought it best if you didn't know about my presence." Her voice was soft and rich, like the purring of a cat. Lily did not like the sound of it speaking to him. It sounded like seduction to the ears. Theno looked uncomfortable with the familiar way she was talking to him.
"We left early and we were able to travel quickly. We do appreciate your help though."
Lily noticed how many times he used the word we. It made her stomach flutter every time she heard it. The threat of jealousy started to fade the more times it was used.
"Why did you decide to follow us?"  Lily had finally found her own voice.
"After you left my shop I knew you would be heading in a dangerous direction. Something told me it would be a good idea to lend you a hand if you needed it.'
"You pointed us in this direction."
"So it was my responsibility to make sure you didn't get hurt."
It was a contradiction that she would do both. "Why?"
Red found her question funny and laughed. "It's good to be suspicious of a person's motives. I do have my own, if that's what you are asking."
"What is Nick doing with them?" whispered Jamey, looking through the dark at the man in question.
"He's the Queen's consort."
"Oh." The young girl had a crestfallen expression. "That's the real reason he brought us here then?"
"They were lovers for many years before he got stuck in your world. The two of them took pleasure in doing so many evil things to people."
“I thought he just wanted to get home.” The young girl had thought he could be redeemed. “He never hurt us, even when he could have.”
“He’s a phoenix. Those types prefer deception to violence.”
There was a tremble in her lips. "Is he dangerous?"
Theno nodded. A phoenix was one of the most dangerous creatures in their world, simply because they couldn't be killed. At least not permanently. If they died, they were simply reborn again by the flames. That gave them an advantage over those with mortality.
They must have been too loud with their whispering because the light flickered again. Nick was getting even closer to where they were hiding. Theno could smell him and recognized it as the same scent as the mysterious intruder. Now things were starting to fall into place.
"Is that you, Theno my dear?" The Queen called out. "Have you come to try and stop me again? You can come out now if that's the case."
She waited for a response but he wasn't going to give her one. Nick was just waiting for the moment to attack.  The cool, wet walls of the grotto were not a guarantee of protection against a man who used fire as a weapon. Theno didn't want to risk Lily or her sisters getting hurt on accident.
When she didn't get an answer the Queen decided to do something else about them. "Nick, please go and get my wayward troll. Bring him back to me and kill the rest of them."

"Gladly, my Queen."

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