Tuesday, August 07, 2018

You're Going to be Just Fine

You're Going to be Just Fine
By Sir A. Evans
Genre: Self-Help, Motivational
Book Description
One day I woke up and I was 505 pounds. For the first time in my life, I didn’t really believe in tomorrow. I kept telling myself tomorrow I will lose weight, tomorrow, I’ll start eating right. No matter how defeated I felt about life for some cosmic reasoning, each morning God woke me up and tomorrow kept coming.

I had no idea what I was doing but I was determined to focus on the present and not my past that I felt was weighing me down. Days turned into months and months turned into years and I eventually shed over 250 pounds!

How can you overcome such traumatic changes in your own life? What are some of the mental battles that you face when striving to overcome hardships? Each day we are faced with tests that we must pass or fail. The answers to 365 of those challenges are inside this book as daily reminders of how you're going to be just fine!

About the Author

On Friday, October 27th, 2006, my mother died from a massive stroke when she collapsed in the kitchen of our home. At the time, I was in Savannah, Georgia on my way home when I got the call from my sister, Tamika. I had just spoken with my mother a day before and to this day, still remember the last time I saw her face, as she dropped me off at the Greyhound bus station to embark on a journey to grow my music career. After a year of grieving and coping, I embarked on a different journey, a journey to further my education. My mother was a teacher for Cleveland Public Schools for nearly 30 years and deep down inside I wanted to make my mother proud. I chose to apply to a program that would challenge me, a decision that would lead to me obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Bowling Green State University in 2013. Before I completed this program, I would be greeted with more devastating news when my sister, Tamika, died at the age of 33. Those were by far the toughest moments of my life that helped me to find my greatest strengths.
In March 2016, I took an idea and transformed it into an executed business concept when I launched Quality SIRvice, LLC. The main objective of my business is to inspire, empower and motivate individuals who are striving to overcome weight concerns, while also providing that same level of encouragement to individuals who are coping with traumatic events/loss. By assisting clients with identifying goals they can accomplish, we are then able to formulate a plan of action. It is my ultimate goal to help my clients realize they can achieve their personal goals and overcome challenges, well beyond my consultation.

An interesting concept crossed my mind recently. We are the only living organisms created that criticize our design & designer. We are the only creatures that can highlight every attribute that is wrong with us, & not only that but we work diligently to reconstruct these flaws or self-destruct ourselves because of them. How rude it must feel to the artist of ALL, to watch over & love all existence, yet there is one particular species that is the most self-righteous, neediest, unsatisfied species in all existence. Do you ever get off of your pedestal to acknowledge that your flaws are what keep you balanced? Have you ever thought your weaknesses help you to develop your strengths? Have you ever thought, while complaining about a detail that was painted onto you by the supreme artist of all, that you could be changed by this artist as well or that detail exists for a reason beyond your current understanding? Art doesn’t always have to be understood to be beautiful, but you’re a work of art nonetheless.

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