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Back-Up List by Amber Best and Miriam Brady Review~Spotlight

The Back_Up List
A Series of Lists #1
Miriam Brady and Amber Best

THE BACK-UP LIST, is a bipolar, pop-culture love story involving a rock star playboy and a widow. The Back-Up List has only ever been a joke- that’s it. Madison Grey has a celebrity crush list of possible replacement husbands ready with the off-chance her husband might inexplicably vanish. Clearly, Madison  was not prepared for- A. her husband’s untimely death and B. Calvin Hunt, rock god and top man on her Back-Up List to begin crushing on her. Talk about your cruel cosmic ironies. It has only been six months since her entire family was killed in a tragic accident and he’s looking to her for a hook-up! Really?

 Calvin Hunt, rock icon, is living the dream of any womanizing man-whore- that is until he spots the first unavailable woman he’s ever met. What the hell? Is she gay? He’s busily seducing her with concert tickets and exotic getaways, all while he’s touring.  There are plenty of obstacles he’ll have to overcome to be with her and he’ll need all the help he can get from his stoic bodyguard, his nosy Oprah-channeling brother and even Madison’s bizarrely quirky friends who are all fighting to cross his name off of Madison’s Back-Up List.


Miriam and Amber have been friends for quite a few years now…because Amber walked up to Miriam and told her she loved her slutty boots, on a Sunday morning at church. They’ve been best friends ever since. They decided this was too funny not  to write into the book somewhere. They started The Back-Up List in 2009; it has given them many hours of amusement. Writing these books has given them nearly endless laughter, which they love above all things. Some of their whacky real-life stories have been written surreptitiously into their books, although they’ll never tell you what they are. The Back-Up List is their personal joke, and yes they do have cards in their wallets (thanks Molls). They both live in Southern California with their families, and they enjoy going to Disneyland, the beach and fun GNOs.

Favorite Quotes
Megan laughed. “You guys are so funny together. You’re the bossy, uptight one and Kinley is all relaxed and easy going. Nothing ruffles her feathers. Don’t you care that she’s bossy with you, Kin?”
He wanted to know more about Madison; he was thankful when she answered, “Kin and I have been friends for a little over twenty years. We met Kate a few years back.” Madison smiled as though the conversation had sparked a pleasant memory. She tilted her head in Kate’s direction, “She’s one of those people you’d rather have as a friend.” He knew this must have been an inside joke, watching the evil grins spread across their beautiful faces. “She’d be a terrible enemy; she might even throw something at your head, if you’re not careful.” They all burst out laughing.
If the woman carrying this card has been recently made single, through the accidental death of her husband, untimely demise due to unforeseen natural causes (or deliberate murder) or has become single due to the fact that her husband was a cheating bastard who left her, then this is an emergency. A new husband must be procured for her promptly. A list of suitable candidates is provided on the other side. (How could he ignore the suggestion to look on the other side?) 
The Back-Up List
1.  Calvin Hunt (Singer, Songwriter, Sex god)
2.  Paul Walker (He’s Fast and I’m Curious)
3.  Robert Redford (If a Time Machine Could Take Me Back to 1960)
4.  Henry Cavill (From the Tudors, wearing a Codpiece)
5.  Charlie Hunnam (SOA OMG

I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.

When I first started reading this book I wasn’t sure I wanted to continue to read it.  But since I agreed to give this book a review I decided I would struggle through it.  Then I got past the first chapter and I loved the story.  It was a story about friendship, tragedy, love, healing, pain and even guilt. When you met Madison in the story you begin to feel her grief and how she just doesn’t want to go on with life.  During her journey in this book she goes through all the stuff she has done in her life and wonders if she did it differently would her life be different.  Her friends are determined to bring her back to life.  They take her to see her favorite band. In doing so she meet Cal, a womanizing rockstar that is used to every women falling over themselves to be with him but it’s not happening with Maddy. But Cal feels the instant connection and is intrigued and wants to win Maddy’s heart no matter what it takes.  Will Maddy let her grief consume her so she loses her chance for love? Or will Cal finally prove he loves her and she is the only one for him?
I cried and cried while reading this story.  It was an amazing touching story.  These authors kept you reading and wanting to know more. As you read the book you feel like you are part of the story so much so that I started yelling at Maddy.  I am so glad I didn’t give up on reading it.  It was so worth the tears and the emotions it brought out in you…. I cannot wait for Rory’s story……


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