Monday, December 15, 2014


A Tidal Wave of Books Not Found in Stores
Have you heard?  Many of your favorite Anchor Group Authors have joined Booksurf?  What is Booksurf?  Booksurf is a revolutionary way to meet Indie Authors, buy signed copies of their books and get unique swag and gifts not found anywhere else.  Check it out at You will find an assortment of genres and authors.  Booksurf is a one stop shop for  all things book.  You will find hot adult romances from LP Dover and Alicia Michaels.  The thrilling Legends Saga from Stacey Rourke is in there; along with Young Adult authors such as Kristin Clark, Elizabeth Kirke and Christy Sloat.  Booksurf caters to the little ones too.  Check out kid's authors Wendy Nystrom, Jodi Stone and Cindy Springsteen. Where else are you going to find this many great, award winning authors in one location?  Best of all...ALL BOOKS ARE SIGNED.  That's right, signed. Booksurf is amazing.
There's more!  You can pick a rep and host a party in your home or online where you can earn up to 15 % off your purchase and up to 4 items at half off.  You cannot lose with this deal.  You can also become a Booksurf Consultant and earn commission from the comfort of your home and at your own pace.  Get more info at
Looking for a consultant?  Send an email to

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