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Blood of Stars and Gods

About the Book


Forever does not go on unchanged.
Caitriona Hayden’s destiny as the Dracopraesi dragon’s North Star is no clearer to her than it was weeks ago. However, Cait’s eternal future seems a minor concern while the vengeful elves continue taunting the dragons, now using violence against the human population in their desire for war.
Battles of war aren’t the only ones fought.
King Corrin struggles to make peace with his coming end, and as his family bonds heal, stronger relationships and alliances form among Cait and her dragons. Theo may have won her heart, but Oliver fills a void long left by the passing of her uncle, and each dragon is a part of Cait’s family.
But a darkness bleeds through to change their world.
When faced with decisions of life and death, Cait, Theo, and demigod Dante must choose unpredictable paths, chance outcomes of eternal consequences, and make dubious promises. As Cait displays unexpected abilities, complications arise, more details of her destiny are revealed, and she discovers the inherent risks of fearing change.
Every era has a beginning and an end. There are things in the world no one is meant to stop.
BLOOD OF STARS AND GODS is book two in the exciting Stars and Souls trilogy, sequel to Amazon #1 Contemporary Fantasy: FIRE OF STARS AND DRAGONS!

Author Bio

melissa-a-petreshock-author-photo-2016-smallerMelissa A. Petreshock is a full-time wife, mom, and writer returned to her home state of Kentucky after a number of years spent living in Massachusetts. She spends quiet days writing, while her evenings and weekends are often spent involved with her children's extracurricular activities.
When not busy with her family or writing, she indulges in too much coffee, loud music, random dancing, and lots of fandoms. Melissa favors causes demanding social change such as mental health awareness and teen suicide prevention.
BLOOD OF STARS AND GODS is the sequel to her debut NA Fantasy Romance novel FIRE OF STARS AND DRAGONS, and the second book in the Stars and Souls Trilogy. To learn more about the series, check out her website.
Find Melissa online:
Stars & Souls Trilogy on Twitter



*Cait POV*
Hooking his fingers to slide them down together, Theo leaves a blazing trail of kisses on my legs as he moves my jeans and silk panties to the floor. My heart beating an erotic staccato and breaths coming heavy, I try to run my own fingers through his hair, guide him where I want him, where I need him now, but his strong hands grasp my arms.
“Not this time, Cait.” Something in my dragon’s demanding tone arouses me further. “Step out.” I do as he commands, and he moves my clothes away, reaching back for his discarded t-shirt. “Hands behind your back.” His voice is dark and dangerous, sending a heated thrill through me. Gently, but not too gently, he ties my wrists with his shirt, secure, yet not painful. Exciting. Standing again, he scoops my breasts out of the cups of my bra, perching them atop the lace, tweaking the nipples into pert, hardened, pink pebbles. The corner of his lip twitches, and he leans down, grazing the rugged stubble on his face over my soft skin, teasing my now sensitive nipples with his teeth and tongue all-too briefly before pushing my feet apart with his own then stepping back, admiring his handiwork.
“My wife… So provocative. You like this. I can smell it.” His lip twitches again, and he bites it. I can tell he’s trying to maintain the façade of perfect control, though I feel his raging desire, but something in him needs this, has to hold onto dominance in this moment. He kicks off his boots, keeping his eyes on me. “What do you want me to do to you, Cait?”
His hand drops to his jeans, thumb hanging on the waist, fingers stroking over the hardened length I see straining for freedom. I don’t know who he’s teasing more really, me or himself. “Maybe I want to do something to you, Theo.” I lick my lips, slow and sensual, watching his breath hitch just a bit. Control is a façade in every way.
I try not to roll my eyes. Of course not. Tie me up and pleasure me, we’re just being kinky. Tie me up and pleasure him, we’re toeing the line of degrading women. No go with a dragon.
One of these days, Theo’s going to find himself tied up.


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