Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Advanced Reader Club!


Thank you for your interest in the Advanced Reader Club! We are excited to have you! Before you sign up we ask that you read what the club is about and the rules that go along with it.

In the Advanced Reader Club you’ll get invites to review books that will soon be released and get the chance to give honest feedback (when appropriate). You do NOT have to review for each book that we send your way but if you download the book then you are committing to the review.

Our books will be delivered via a service called Book Funnel. Using them allows for readers to use any reading device (not just a Kindle or Kindle App) when participating in this club and it allows us to track who has received the book and how it was received. Each person gets their own unique download link that can only be used once. Also, each copy has its own unique watermark to protect our authors against piracy.

You’ll get the book at least 30 days prior to the release day. You will receive an edited copy of whatever book you download however, it will not be in its final form. So while reading if you find a typo of some kind feel free to let us know. Also say you’re a nurse and something in the story would totally NOT be something a nurse would do, feel free to let us know that too and we will pass your notes onto our authors.

On release day you’ll receive an email from us reminding you to leave your review on Amazon and some other important information as well.

This club is an exclusive group and although we don’t require you to read every book that we send your way you will be required to read at least three books within a six month period. If you cannot commit to that please do not join. Also, it will be required that you leave your honest review on Amazon on release day. If this isn’t something you can commit to then please do not join.

However if you can commit to those two things we want you! To make things fun we will have an exclusive Facebook group for you to join (we may have some fun exclusive things going on in there from time to time) and you never know when something awesome might come your way. We have a lot of ideas to keep this group active and fun.

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