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Sunset Reads: Damian & Layla

About the Book
Title: Sunset Reads: Damian & Layla
Author: D.C. Triana
Genre: Romantic Suspense
One year.
It’s been one year since Agent Damian Trent left for Washington without a word.
One year since he’s seen her beautiful face.
One year since he’s heard his name on her lips.
He's been recently called back to New York City on assignment, to catch a criminal who’s trying to infiltrate Sunset Reads. The last thing he expects is to work side by side with the woman he turned his back on.
Having her close is an unwanted distraction that he’s more than willing to ignore, if only she wasn’t so damn tempting.
Everything seems under control, until a night of feverish passion has him abandoning all thoughts of reason. Now, he will do everything in his power to get her back, and even more so to protect her.

Layla Reece wants nothing to do with the man who left her a year ago.
The man who took her heart with him, leaving her broken.
After a year of trying to forget Damian Trent, she is finally ready to move on.
But trying to forget him becomes a tedious task when he suddenly reappears in her life.
Although she fights to stay away, his magnetism is too strong and she finds herself giving into the deep timbre of his voice, and the strength and safety of his arms.
Staying away from Damian turns out to be futile, especially when his kisses consume her and his heart shatters the walls she spent so much time building.
Finding herself in danger, she now has to turn to the only man she trusts to keep her safe, but can she trust him enough to give him her heart once again?

Author Bio
D.C. Triana is a new romance author and novelist. She was born in raised in New York  and is currently residing in Florida. Last March, Her dream of publishing a romance novel came true with, Sunset Reads: William & Cristina. The novel is currently holding a 4.5 star rating on Amazon as well as GoodReads. She is excited to announce her second novel in the series, Sunset Reads: Damian & Layla, releasing on December 26, 2016.
When she is not delving into her hopeless romantic thoughts, she is expanding her experiences and travelling around the world. She also will not miss an episode of the Walking Dead, has an obsession with Superman, and has watched Pride and Prejudice at least ten times. An avid fan of all types of music and dancing; she enjoys cuddling up with her puppy Obi, and helping new authors like herself. You can visit her at http://www.dctriana/com, or be part of her newsletter where you can take part in giveaways, receive updates on upcoming storylines, and get reviews on hot new titles. Sign up for her Newsletter here: http://eepurl.com/bXH-P9



Newsletter Sign up Link: http://eepurl.com/bXH-P9
Twitter: @DCTriana1

Describe your books in 3 words?
            Passionate, suspenseful, sexy.
If you could be any character from one of your books who would it be?
            Layla, I love her resilience.
What is your greatest fear about being an author/publishing your book(s)?
            That it won’t be successful.
Would the 10 year-old version of yourself kick your butt or praise you for what you've accomplished in life?
            She’d definitely praise me, although she may scold me for waiting too long.
What do you do when you finish your book and turn it in to the editor?
            I take a breather and go on a mini vacation to relax before preparing for the cover reveals and release days.
What is your favorite Genre and why?
            Romance. What can I say, I am a hopeless romantic.
What is one thing that would surprise us to know about you?
            I am a total geek. I own Nightmare Before X-mas items , I love collecting Disney mugs, and I am a total comic book collector. A true DC fan, my favorite being Superman and I love Dark Horse comics- especially The Darkness.
Was there an Author who inspired you to write?
            Jane Austen, Her strength and her romance captivated me and I aspired to become an author because of her.
How did you come up with the characters in your books?
            Damian is the opposite of William. He’s darker, rougher, and his charm comes in his imperfections. Layla’s strength is actually based on one of my best friends. This story was dedicated to her.
Do you prefer to write alone or do you like to collaborate with other authors?
            I’m not sure. I’ve never collaborated with anyone, but I would love to try it out.
Everyone uses computers, tablets, phones and no one uses handwritten form or typewriters, what do you prefer to use?
            I’m old school. I like to keep a notebook with me at all times and I have a tendency of using handwritten form.
Is there a ritual you do everything before you begin your book?
            Not really. I just go with the flow. I do need a quiet place and a peppermint mocha by side. If I can find somewhere with a fireplace, then that would be my ideal spot.
What do you do when you finish your book and turn it in to the editor?
            I relax and take a mini-vacation. I like to take a breather before my anxiety begins again with the release of the book.

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