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Survivor of the Clan

Title: Survivor of the Clan
Author: Jennifer Ott
Genre: Thriller
Scottish doll maker Shelby Locke loses everything in one instant. She watches helplessly as motorcyclists assassinate her husband and abduct her daughter. Nagging questions and even confounding reminiscences only exacerbate the problem, and her geneticist father is no help.
In the aftermath of the violence, she discovers not-so-subtle hints, which prompt her to travel to Odessa, Ukraine. Upon her arrival she follows clues laid out by the perpetrators, as if they want to be discovered. What is even more shocking, she discovers her own true identity. Could she be one with those who took away her family?
To unite with her daughter, she must join forces with those bent on nihilism, and submit her loyalty to a man, whose life mission is to rekindle his long lost kin, even if by nefarious means.

Survivor of the Clan

Shelby nodded, moving a pile of books to a nearby table. She took a quick peek through files on the table, one containing a picture of her and her daughter. “If you’re investigating my case, why did you ignore me when I saw you earlier today?”
He handed her the cup of mostly steamed milk and very little coffee. “This should help ease tensions.” He poured himself a shot of vodka and sat on a chair across the room from her. Casually, he inspected the bandage on his arm, crossed his legs and lit a cigarette. After several puffs, he said. “I had just met the woman at a café. No one special. Besides, it was your attention I was trying to attract. For someone searching for her daughter, you were completely unaware of your surroundings. Such an easy target for those trying to reach you. That is when I first noticed you, when you were chased down on the street. I followed you to the café and waited until you left.”
“Maybe I should pay closer attention,” she said.
“Yes. You should. But you’re a doll maker who focuses on small details. I’m a detective. My job is to know when and how to blend in and when to be seen and by whom.”
“When did my father call you?’
Taking his time to answer, he sipped his drink and took another annoyingly long drag on his cigarette. “When you arrived here in Odessa. He was not only worried for your safety, but that you would get in the way of our investigation.”
She sighed heavily and stood from her seat, making her way across the room to the window. She folded her arms across her chest. “Do you think they’re still out there?”
“They’re everywhere,” he responded, this time without hesitation.
“Who are they? Apostol’s Apostles?”
“They are suspect number one at this time.” He sat forward on his seat. “Sit down. Relax. You’re safe here.”
“What’s to say they won’t break in to kill you, us tonight?”
“If they wanted us dead, we would be already. They weren’t trying to kill us tonight. It was a message to say they’ve found us.” He pointed to the chair. “Now sit. Ease your tensions.”
“My tensions will be eased when I find my daughter.”

Author Bio

Jennifer Ott graduated Albright College in Pennsylvania with a degree of Fine Arts. She also studied at the Syracuse London Center, filmmaking at NYU and screenwriting through Gotham Writer’s Workshops in New York City. Her screenplays The Tourist and Truth and Craziness were semi-finalists at Austin Film Festival. Full length novel, Saying Goodbye was honorable mention of Best Beach Book awards for romance in 2014, and novella Edge of Civilization received critical praise from the Vietnam Veterans Association. She has written numerous books of several different genres from satire, historical fiction, thrillers and literary fiction.
In the real world, away from her writing, she works as a product developer in the garment industry, which has offered her the opportunity to travel around the world. When not writing or working, she enjoys yoga, meditating and relaxing on the beach.


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