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One Man's Spiritual Journey to Healing with Color Energy

One Man's Spiritual Journey to Healing with Color Energy
By Lee Hillberg
Genre: Spiritual, Inspirational, Self-Help

Book Description
In this world, color is all around us, and it has the power to change our lives. Author Lee Hillberg has been using the healing properties of color to make a difference not only in his own life, but also in the lives of others. In this book, he shares some of his most moving and spiritual experiences. Readers will learn:
• How color affects their everyday lives
• How listening and paying attention to nature provides insight on the future
• How the application of color can be used to lift depression, shrink tumors, provide pain relief, and more
The techniques and advice given in this book have been frequently utilized by the author and could make a difference in readers’ lives as well. Hillberg is an ordained minister, has been a student of metaphysics and spirituality for many years, and is eager to help people using everything he has learned in any way he can. He is a self-professed naturalist, Native American historian, and lover of all parts of nature. Most importantly, he is passionate about harnessing the power of God’s creation to effect serious change in the world.

About the Author

Lee Hillberg was born and raised in the Black Hills of South Dakota. After high school, he attended advanced-study programs at Dakota Wesleyan University, University of Chicago, and Duke University.
He spent four years in the US Air Force in national defense. Later, he established himself in the corporate world with a Fortune 500 company specializing in national security and commercial electronics. He travelled worldwide in this position and retired as a vice president in 1996.
Lee has always had a keen interest in nature, Native Americans, and spirituality. As a naturalist, he has a strong love for all of nature. As a Native American historian, he occasionally gives lectures on their culture at local venues. He has been a student of metaphysics and spirituality for a number of years and is now an ordained minister. He lectures and conducts energy healing and spirituality workshops. Lee now lives in a rural area of Georgia, enjoying his daily nature walks.

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How do we interpret signs, omens, and messages? There have been many types, forms, and expressions dating back to the biblical era. There is one we can all use. It is the art of naturespeak.
We all have gifts. We do not all have the same gifts. But, we all receive messages from nature because we are a part of nature. Learning to read the signs and messages from nature is easy and rewarding. Let’s examine intuition first. You must be relaxed and in a spiritual state, quiet and observant. Meditation and prayer are excellent for receiving intuitive messages. When you receive an intuitive message, it is critical to not question it. Just receive and believe. You should also be aware that Spirit will give us information in more than one form and usually more than one time. I believe we are given messages at least three times and in different forms or methods. So, when receiving intuitive messages, be conscious of what else you receive: a color, fragrance, sound, vision, etc. With practice, receiving intuitive messages will become easier and you will have no question as to what you are receiving. Other related help or assistance can come from totems, animals, and birds. Intuitive messages and divine guidance in other forms are helpful and supportive in our daily lives.
Connecting with Spirit is easier while being one with nature. Being calm, relaxed, peaceful, and open to what may present itself is the ideal mindset. Feel the power of nature. Be reverent and respectful of it. Remain positive and be patient. Remember, nature has tremendous healing powers and wants to share all of it with you.

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