Saturday, May 27, 2017

Set You Free

Title: Set You Free
Author: Elmer Seward
Genre: Suspense
Love, Lies, and the Secrets That Bind

Deena is running from a dangerous past.  When she finds herself in a small fishing village tucked away on the banks of the Chesapeake Bay, she thinks she is finally safe. While there, she discovers a journal that weaves a story of secrets, passion, and unrequited love.  In its pages, she discovers the answers to her struggle with the shadows of her own past.  In the end, those shadows close in on her and threaten all that she holds dear.

 The music soared in a slow, melodic tempo. Couples embraced in rhythmic movement to the notes.
Blake’s hand paused in midbeat [MM1] as he muttered, “No. Don’t do it.”
Deena followed his gaze. Lisa had Blake in her sights as she strolled toward the table.
“Not again,” Blake groaned. He grasped Deena’s hand. “Dance with me.”
“What?” Deena tried to pull away, but he held on.
“Please?” Desperation tinged his voice. “Save me.”
Deena looked beyond him to see Lisa closing in on their table. She stood and smirked. “Of course.”
Blake led her past Lisa. Deena watched her smile turn sour as her eyes followed the couple.
Up near the stage, Blake took Deena in his arms. “Thank you. Is she still shooting daggers at us?”
Deena stole a glance over Blake’s shoulder. Lisa stood with her arms folded. Her eyes were red embers burning in her dark expression. “Oh, yeah.”
Blake chuckled. “Thanks again for saving me. I can probably handle a slow dance. I’ll try not to step on your toes.”
Deena smiled. “You’re doing fine.” As she spoke, her foot landed awkwardly on his. He caught her as she stumbled, and they broke into laughter. Still giggling, Deena laid her forehead on his chest, and he drew her closer. Her initial panic collapsed beneath the weight of wanting to be held. Their laughter evaporated in the heat of silent movement as their bodies melted into each other. The haunting melody, the slow measured movement of Blake’s body next to hers, his tender but firm embrace—it was intoxicating. A tingling numbness overtook her as her heart pounded. In Blake’s arms, Deena felt small but safe.
The song was over, the last note played, yet they clung to each other in the quiet interlude. It was just a whisper of a moment, and then it was gone. But as they made their way back to the table, Blake’s hand found hers.

Author Bio
Elmer Seward was born and raised along the Chesapeake Bay in southeast Virginia.  Growing up, the cemetery behind his house was his playground.  The metaphorical theme of death and rebirth that figures prominently in his novels is probably influenced in some way by the time that his mother heard, through the screened window, a small voice crying for help.  Rushing from the house and through the yard, she discovered her all-too-curious six-year-old son at the bottom of a freshly dug grave.  In that moment, he discovered that trouble is much easier to get into than it is to get out of.  Sometimes we need help getting out of the hole that we jump into willingly.
He is blessed to have a large blended family.  He is also the reluctant servant of three crazy dogs, a Maltese, a Japanese Chin, and a BruMaltChiYorkie.  All of these strongly influence the characters and events in his novels; however, his beautiful wife, Mitzi, is the true inspiration for the tender hearted but determined women in his stories.
He is the author of two previous novels, Hearts in the Storm and Dreams of the Sleepless.


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