Sunday, August 15, 2021

Finding Feral

Finding Feral

A Spacious Reclaiming of Life

By Andrea Pardue

Genre: Memoir


Finding Feral will be released on August 20, 2021!


Book Description


After the death of my mother, I started to take stock of my life.  I was in midlife and it had been a hard, traumatic road.  This is my story of finding hope and myself in the tiny green of a sprout, the soaring austere of an eagle, color dripping from a paintbrush, and the possibility of a loving Creator.  This is a journey into my willfulness to embrace life at its essence and feel very much on purpose in this world.



"I love the emotion you have when you speak.  You have such a melodious way of communicating.  It is flowing, calming, and infused with warmth." - Amber Murphy


"I love feeling the desire you have to live in immense ways.  You inspire me." - Julianna Ehlert



About the Author


Andrea Pardue is a simple soul who has meekly braved each step of her life’s joys and hardships. She discovered the expressive arts as therapy in her darkest moment, studied her guts and soul out to find her way to a liberating, feral freedom to participate in life again. This is her first book.  She lives with her husband and three boys in Texas. A piece of her heart remains on Whidbey Island.  She leads small groups in expressive arts and loves to hear the soul stories of others. You can contact her at


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  1. My hope with this book, is that others will find an invitation to delve into their own stories in an empowered way.